​Department of international relationships

Strengthening international relations is one of the main department of University activities; The university, with more than 40 institutes of higher education, scientific and educational and research institutes, has established close and effective cooperation agreements on the basis of contracts. On this basis, 6 cooperation agreements were signed in 2018. In 2018 foreign Partnerships started its activity in 4 directions at University.

1. Cooperation with ERASMUS + Member States of the European Union

2. Cooperation with embassies and international organizations

3. Collaboration with Rossotrudnichestvo, Euro Asia and the University of Russia;

4. Cooperation with the universities of Russia;

At the beginning of this year, monitoring on the completed projects was held by Zarina Nuriddinova, a representative of the national office of ERASMUS + in Tajikistan. They said that the projects completed were generally successful. Also on January 12, a training seminar on the new ERASMUS + program was held, which provided useful information for teachers, students, undergraduates and postgraduate students about their participation in academic and practical exchange programs CA-1, CA. -2 and CA-3.

In 2018 were realized different activities such as: mass activities, informational activities, personal and Internet Exchange to Implement 3 international projects within the framework of ERASMUS + programs.

- Erasmus-PAWER "To create conditions forregional academic efforts and provide for educational quality”;

- ERASMUS-TUTORIAL "to strengthen the cooperation in education system, research and innovation to protect the Central Asia Environment"

ERASMUS-EXTEND "Improving Engineering Education by Preparing Teachers and New Pedagogical Methods in Russia and in Tajikistan". Within the framework of this project, in 2018 more than 25 teachers of various specialties have traveled abroad and improved their knowledge and skills at Moscow State University of Construction (Moscow), Mordovia State University (Russia), Romanian Polytechnic University, Berlin Polytechnic University (Germany), The Italian National University, the Estonian State University, and other institutions of higher education.
In comparison with the old years, the collaboration of the university with humanitarian organizations and Institutions of Russia and the Republic of Uzbekistan have been expanded and were held various scientific and practical events. More than 100 students of the University participated in the competition at the Embassies of China and India, and 17 of them won the competition and were awarded a scholarship.

In 2018, a number of training seminars for teachers, graduate and undergraduate students were held on the basis of collaboration with international organizations, such as the Open Society Assistance Foundation In Tajikistan and regional German organization DAAD in Dushanbe. On the training seminars were reported educational programs, scientific -research programs. As a result, the number of people who participated in the program and received a permit to travel abroad was increased almost twice in 2018 compared to 2017. Another event was held in February 2018 in partnership with the organization of “Assistance Foundation” and with the financial support of the organization was established the Center “Early Childhood Development” in the University.

Relations with the Embassies ofUS, China, India, Germany, Indonesia , Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan in Tajikistan and the Confucius Institute in the National Institute of Tajikistan are finely established. Students and teachers of the University participate in various contests of these Embassies every year and receive scholarships to various institutions. These days 5 of them study at Indian universities, 27 in Chinese universities. One of the most important and memorable events of 2018 is the visit of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Neihart Hefer-Wissing to the University that was held at the end of May.

During this period, according to the US Embassy's MENTOR program, eight young teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Eastern Languages participated in a series of English language training seminars in Dushanbe.

Within the framework of relations with US Embassy in Dushanbe educational programs Fulbright and Humphrey for young teachers and undergraduates has been offered. The participation of teachers, undergraduates, graduate students and students in educational programs at embassies of USA, China, India and other foreign organizations is increasing year by year. For example, 32 in 2014, 42 in 2014, 45 in 2015, 56 in 2016, and 67 in 2017 students and teachers were able to improve their knowledge and skills in European and Chinese Universities. This figure was raised to 75 people in 2018.

In 2018, with the collaboration of the “Russian Cultural Science Center” in Soghd, several scientific and practical events were held in which doctors and students took an active part. The Center helps to establish scientific and educational relations with Russian Institutes. At the Faculty of Foreign Languages in April, May, the Olympiad was held for students from comprehensive schools in Khujand, Buston, Gulistan by the Federal University of Arkhangelsk, Voronezh Space Flight University.

Nowadays the University cooperates with 45 Universities in the near and far abroad. This year 14 contracts with Moscow State Pedagogical University, Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Moscow Architecture University, Moscow Technical University, Magnitogorsk State University, Latvian University, Romanian Technical University, Universities of Samarkand , Uzbekistan, Andijan, Fergana Uzbekistan Republic, Uzbek-Kirgiz University ofKirgizstan Republic were signed, and accordingly the agreements came into force.

One of these events was the international conference on theme "The contribution of Russian scientists in the study of historical, cultural and natural heritage of Tajikistan", which was attended by six Russian scientists. Representatives of the Universities of Samarkand, Fergana visited our University and had useful meetings.

In 2018, the number of international students was more than 600, most of them are from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Afghanistan. As a matter of continuity, progress of education, quality and the state of their residency were reviewed and discussed at the University Board meeting. Cooperation with foreign students is considered to be one of the main directions of the University, IRD (international relations department) and faculties.

In the Faculty of Oriental Languages “Chinese Week" was organized, during it various events were held. On the eve of international holiday Navruz with the initiation of the Department of International Relations and the support of the Faculty of Russian Philology the cultural event under the title “Navruzi Dusti” was held.Students from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Tajikistan demonstrated their cultural and traditional values.

It should be noted that the International Friendship Club operates under the title "Doosty" in Department of International Relations, where meetings dedicated to important national and international documents. Their educational documents are prepared for state certification of Tajikistan and pass to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan. The University administration provides a large number of foreign students (full time students) with dormitory with good conditions for their study and dormitory.

During the reporting period, more than 40 international educational and research programs for students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers were offered. According to Scientific Council of University with the aim of implementing paragraphs of the "State and Russian Language Learning Program for 2015-2020» were established 11 groups of English language courses for free for teachers and staff and114 graduates graduated and became certified.