Department of Professional Development.

With the initiative of the rector of our university, professor Jurazoda J.H.the University established the so called department “Department of Professional Development and Work with Foreign Students” under the Department of Foreign Relations. The main objective of the given department is to improve the situation of attracting foreign students into the University and increasing the possibilities to send our students and teachers abroad for professional development. In 2018 17 students of the faculty of oriental languages won the scholarships of the People’s Republic of China and were sent to different universities of the country. To improve the quality of learning and teaching the Chinese language in Confucian center, Buston town, under the Institute of Mountain Metallurgy the representative of the People’s Republic of China have been teaching the Chinese language for several years. This year, the lecturer, Li Meizi, is teaching at the faculty of oriental languages.

One of the innovations implemented by the initiative of the International Relations Department is the possibility of participating in international on-line courses.By the initiative of the Department and the Administration of the University, there were organized short term English and Russian languages courses and 114 professors of the University attended the courses and were awarded the certificates of completion. Courses of English and Russian languages are planned to be organized the next academic year, too.

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